The little dragon and the quest for the golden apple

The little dragon and the quest for the golden apple

The little dragon and the quest for the golden apple

Once upon a time, in a land where magic permeated the air and fantastical creatures roamed free, there lived a small and vibrant dragon named Ember. Unlike the other dragons, Ember was not grand or intimidating; rather, she was endearing with her emerald green scales that shimmered in the sunlight, and her eyes, bright as the morning sky, glowed with curiosity and kindness. Ember, though young, had a heart brimming with bravery and a desire for adventure.

One crisp autumn day, the ancient, wise owl, Orion, known across the land for his vast knowledge, visited Ember’s cozy lair. Orion’s feathers were the color of snow and his eyes, deep and wise, held secrets of ages past. «Ember,» Orion hooted solemnly, «a great quest awaits you. The Golden Apple, said to bring peace and prosperity, has been stolen by the mischievous gremlins of the Twisted Forest. Only a pure-hearted dragon like yourself can retrieve it.»

Ember’s heart raced with excitement and a touch of fear. She had heard tales of the perilous Twisted Forest, a labyrinthine grove where shadows seemed to have a life of their own. Determined, she bowed her head with respect. «I will find the Golden Apple, Orion. The realm shall not be left in despair.»

Thus, Ember set off on her quest, her wings carrying her swiftly towards the horizon. She flew over sparkling lakes and dense, misty woods, where the trees twisted like ancient guardians. Her first challenge awaited at the Whispering River, where the water spirits, playful yet elusive, would only allow passage to those who could outwit their riddles.

«Good day, Ember,» Silverstream, the most vocal of the spirits, greeted her with a splash. Her form was ever-changing, like liquid silver. «Answer our riddles three, and you may pass.»

Ember nodded, her mind sharp and ready. The spirits floated around her, their laughter like the tinkling of bells as they posed their challenges. With each correct answer, the river calmed, and finally, Silverstream bestowed upon Ember a shimmering pearl. «This will guide you through the darkness of the Twisted Forest. Use it wisely.»

Grateful, Ember took to the sky again, the pearl clutched tightly in her claw. The forest ahead loomed ominously, its dark, gnarled branches like skeletal fingers reaching for the sky. As she entered, the air grew cold, and whispers of forgotten tales filled her ears. She held the pearl aloft, its warm glow pushing back the encroaching shadows.

Deeper and deeper she ventured until she came upon the heart of the forest, where an ancient oak stood, its bark scarred with time. At its base, the gremlins had made their den. They were small, with skin the color of mud and eyes that glinted with malevolence. Their leader, Grimdank, was particularly grotesque, with a sneering face and jagged teeth.

«Who dares enter our domain?» Grimdank snarled, his voice a low growl. Ember stood tall, undeterred by their menacing presence.

«I am Ember, and I am here to reclaim the Golden Apple for the good of the realm,» she declared, her voice steady.

The gremlins laughed, a harsh, discordant sound. «You think you can take it from us? Prove your worth, little dragon!» Grimdank challenged, brandishing a rusty dagger.

Ember braced herself, her heart pounding. She knew she couldn’t match them in sheer strength but remembered the pearl’s guidance. She tossed it into the air, and as it spun, a brilliant light enveloped the clearing. The gremlins shrieked and cowered, unable to withstand the purity of its glow.

Seizing the opportunity, Ember darted towards the ancient oak. Hidden within its hollow, she found the Golden Apple, luminous and warm. Its touch filled her with a sense of calm and resilience. She grasped it tightly and with a powerful leap, soared into the sky, the gremlins’ angry cries fading beneath her.

As Ember flew back, the Twisted Forest began to change. The shadows receded, the cold dissipated, and a sense of peace settled over the trees. By the time she reached her home, the entire land had begun to bask in a newfound tranquility.

«You’ve done it, Ember!» Orion welcomed her back with a proud hoot. The realm’s inhabitants gathered, their faces alight with joy and relief. With the Golden Apple restored, the land’s harmony was secured.

Over time, Ember grew into a legend. Songs were sung of her bravery, and tales were told of her wisdom and courage. She remained the realm’s guardian, always ready for the next adventure but cherished most for the heart full of love she shared with her kin.

Moraleja del cuento «The little dragon and the quest for the golden apple»

The tale of Ember teaches us that true bravery comes from the heart, and it is the purity of our intentions and the strength of our spirit that triumph over adversity. Kindness, cleverness, and determination can lead even the smallest among us to achieve great things and bring harmony to the world.

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