The snowman’s secret and the hidden village under the snow

The snowman's secret and the hidden village under the snow

The snowman’s secret and the hidden village under the snow

As the first flurries of winter began to fall, the town of Elderton nestled itself snugly beneath a blanket of white. Each year, as soon as the snow began to dance from the clouds, the town seemed to shimmer with a unique kind of magic. Children built snow forts and families gathered around fireplaces, but a mystery lingered just beyond the range of the village lights.

Emma, a young girl with a curious heart and fiery red hair that defied the winter chill, sat by her window and watched the snowflakes perform their annual ballet. Her keen green eyes sparkled with every twist and turn of each flake. «Mom, will you tell me the story of the hidden village again?» she asked, her voice filled with wonder and anticipation.

Her mother, Lily, put down her knitting and smiled warmly. «Of course, my dear,» she replied, her eyes reflecting the glow of the fireplace. «Long ago, in the hills beyond Elderton, there lies a hidden village preserved under the snow. It is said that the village remains hidden unless a brave soul ventures into the heart of winter to seek it.»

Emma’s imagination was captured by the story every winter, but this year, something inside her urged her to find this village herself. The next morning, bundled in her thickest coat and scarf, Emma set out toward the distant, enigmatic hills.

The journey was arduous, the snow knee-deep and the wind biting fiercely at her cheeks. Hours seemed to stretch into days as she trudged through the endless white landscape. Just when she began to lose hope, she stumbled upon a peculiar sight—a snowman standing alone in a clearing, pristine and perfect despite the storm around him.

Curious, Emma approached the snowman. She could swear the coal buttons and carrot nose were almost lifelike. Suddenly, the snowman began to speak. «Greetings, young traveler. What brings you to this desolate place?» His voice was deep and resonant, echoing the timbre of the winter winds.

Startled but undeterred, Emma replied, «I am seeking the hidden village beneath the snow. Do you know where I can find it?»

The snowman nodded slowly. «I do. But only the pure of heart can unveil its secret. You must follow the path where the moonlight kisses the snow. Trust your heart, and the village will find you.»

Thanking the snowman, Emma looked up at the sky. It was late afternoon and the moon had begun its ascent. She followed the trail of silver light that cascaded over the snow, leading her deeper into the forest.

As the moon reached its zenith, Emma stumbled upon a shimmering curtain of ice. Mesmerized, she reached out and touched it, and to her astonishment, the ice parted, revealing an entrance. Taking a deep breath, she stepped through.

Beyond the icy curtain lay the hidden village. It was a tranquil realm, filled with crystalline houses, snow-covered gardens, and trees adorned with ice jewels. The villagers, clad in garments of soft, woven fur, welcomed her warmly.

An elderly woman with silver hair and eyes that gleamed like stars approached Emma. «Welcome, child. You have found us, and for that, we are grateful. I am Elara, the guardian of this village. You must have a thousand questions.»

Emma nodded eagerly. «How did this village come to be? And why is it hidden?»

Elara’s voice was gentle but filled with wisdom. «Our village was enchanted centuries ago to protect it from those who might exploit its beauty and resources. Only the pure of heart, who come seeking us with good intentions, can break the spell temporarily, allowing them to find us. You, Emma, have proven yourself worthy.»

For days, Emma explored the village, making new friends and learning their ways. She helped the villagers with their daily tasks, from collecting fresh snow for water to baking bread in clay ovens warmed by underground hot springs.

One evening, gathered around a fire, the villagers shared stories of ancient times. Emma felt a profound connection with everyone there. But despite the joy and wonder of the village, she knew she would have to return to Elderton.

With a heavy heart, she bid the villagers farewell. Elara handed her a pendant, a tiny crystal encased in silver. «This will guide you back to us when the time is right. You are always welcome here, Emma,» she said with a comforting embrace.

As Emma stepped back through the icy curtain, she found herself at the edge of the forest. Dawn was breaking, casting a golden glow over the snow. She made her way back to Elderton, her heart full of the memories of the hidden village.

When she arrived home, her mother rushed out to greet her. «Emma! We were so worried!» she exclaimed, tears of relief streaming down her face.

Emma shared her incredible journey with her mother, who listened in awe. They marveled together at the pendant, a tangible reminder of the magical village. That winter, and every winter thereafter, Emma felt a warmth in her heart, knowing the secrets of the enchanted village that lay hidden beneath the snow.

The townsfolk of Elderton often wondered what had changed in Emma after that winter. She seemed wiser, more serene. And every now and then, she would disappear into the woods with a knowing smile, returning with a sparkle in her eye that no one could quite explain.

Moraleja del cuento «The snowman’s secret and the hidden village under the snow»

The hidden village remains a symbol of pure-hearted bravery and the magic that awaits those who seek it with good intentions. It teaches that true beauty and wonder often lie hidden beneath the surface, and only by being genuine and kind can we uncover the extraordinary treasures in life.

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