Cuento: The Song of the Ocean

Cuento: The Song of the Ocean 1

The Song of the Ocean


In the bustling city of Northbridge, there lived a man named John.

John was a successful architect, known for designing magnificent buildings that adorned the city’s skyline.

Yet, beneath his success lay a profound feeling of emptiness.

The city’s incessant clamor and his demanding career left him yearning for peace.

One day, John received a letter. It was from his Aunt Agnes, who lived in a coastal town called Seacliff.

Aunt Agnes was old and lived alone. Her health was failing, and she invited John to spend some time with her. Seeing it as an opportunity for a change of pace, John packed his bags and set off to Seacliff.

Arriving in Seacliff was like stepping into a different world.

The salty breeze, the languid pace of life, and the rhythmic sound of the waves were a stark contrast to the city’s noise.

Aunt Agnes lived in an old cottage overlooking the sea. She welcomed John with a warm smile and open arms.

During his stay, John helped Aunt Agnes with chores, spent time talking to her, and explored the town.

He met the local fisherman, the lighthouse keeper, and the schoolteacher. He was taken by their simple yet contented lives, so different from his own.

One evening, while he was walking by the beach, he saw something unusual.

A part of the sea seemed to glow under the moonlight.

Curiosity piqued, he walked towards it. To his surprise, he found a small, ornate bottle with what appeared to be a scroll inside.

John opened the bottle and unrolled the scroll. It was a poem. A beautiful, moving poem about the ocean.

It spoke of its vastness, its depth, and its secrets.

The words resonated with him, stirring something deep within. He felt a sense of peace he had not experienced before.

The next day, he showed the poem to Aunt Agnes.

She read it, her eyes wide with surprise.

«This is the Song of the Ocean,» she said. «It’s a local legend. They say it carries the wisdom of the sea, and whoever understands it will find what they’ve been searching for.»

John was intrigued.

He spent the following days trying to decipher the poem’s meaning.

He read books about the sea, talked to the locals, and spent hours watching the waves.

The more he delved into it, the more he was drawn to the sea.

He felt a connection, a sense of belonging he had never felt in the city.

One night, after days of contemplation, it struck him.

The Song of the Ocean was not just about the sea. It was a metaphor for life.

The sea’s vastness signified life’s limitless possibilities. Its depth symbolized the profoundness of emotions and experiences.

And its secrets were the unanswered questions, the uncertainties that make life a journey of discovery.

The realization was transformative.

John understood that his feeling of emptiness was due to his disconnection from his emotions and experiences.

He had been so engrossed in his career that he had ignored the other aspects of life.

The sea’s song was a call to embrace life in all its depth and vastness.

John decided to make a change.

He chose to leave his career in the city and stay in Seacliff.

He opened a small architect’s studio, where he designed buildings that reflected the town’s charm and the sea’s beauty.

He also started writing, pouring his emotions and experiences into words, much like the Song of the Ocean.

Over time, John’s life transformed. He found joy in simplicity, peace in the sea’s rhythm, and fulfillment in living authentically.

He was no longer the city’s renowned architect but Seacliff’s beloved resident, who found a treasure not in material wealth but in the wisdom of the sea.

The Song of the Ocean became his guiding philosophy. He shared it with others, spreading its wisdom.

His story inspired others, and soon, Seacliff became known not just for its scenic beauty but also for its contented and fulfilled inhabitants.

Years later, when Aunt Agnes passed away, she left her cottage to John. He continued to live there, cherishing the sea’s song every day.

On moonlit nights, he would stand by the beach, watching the part of the sea that once glowed.

He would recite the Song of the Ocean, sending his gratitude to the sea.

Abraham Cuentacuentos.


Breve resumen en español:

«La Canción del Océano» es un cuento inspirador acerca de John, un exitoso arquitecto que se siente vacío a pesar de su éxito.

Cuando recibe una invitación para visitar a su tía Agnes en el tranquilo pueblo costero de Seacliff, descubre un poema llamado «La Canción del Océano» que le revela la sabiduría del mar y las profundidades de la vida.

Esta revelación transforma a John, quien decide quedarse en Seacliff y vivir una vida más auténtica y satisfactoria, compartiendo la sabiduría de la Canción del Océano con los demás.

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