Cuento: The Whispering River

Dibujo de un río con corriente de agua.

The Whispering River

Once upon a time, in a land where mountains touched the sky and meadows were a quilt of colors, there flowed a river.

It was not any ordinary river, it was known as the Whispering River, for it was said to speak to those who listened closely.

In a small village by the river lived two children, Mia and Tom.

They were the best of friends, inseparable in their adventures, and shared a curiosity about the Whispering River.

One day, they decided to ask the river a question. They stood by its banks and in unison asked, «Why do you whisper, dear river?»

Much to their surprise, the river responded. Its voice was soft, like the rustling of leaves. «I whisper because I carry a secret, a treasure hidden many moons ago.»

Their eyes lit up at the mention of a treasure. «Can you tell us more, dear river?»

«I can only guide you. You must follow my flow, and when you see a rainbow touching my surface, there, the treasure lies.»

And so, their adventure began.

With a homemade map and hearts filled with excitement, they followed the river’s flow.

The journey was long, and the path was winding.

They faced challenges, like crossing the thorny bushes and climbing steep rocks.

But their determination did not waver.

One day, just when the sun was casting hues of orange and pink across the sky, they saw it – a beautiful rainbow touching the river’s surface.

Their hearts pounded with anticipation.

As they dug the ground, they found a chest. Inside it was not gold or jewels but something even more valuable – an old scroll. It contained ancient knowledge about conserving water, respecting nature, and living in harmony with all creatures.

They rushed back to their village, shared the treasure with everyone.

The villagers were overjoyed.

They thanked the river and promised to honor its wisdom.

From that day, the village prospered, and the Whispering River continued to murmur, sharing its wisdom with those willing to listen.

So, dear friends, the story of the Whispering River reminds us that the true treasure lies not in material wealth but in wisdom, respect for nature, and living in harmony. For in the end, these are the things that lead to true prosperity and peace.

Abraham cuentacuentos.

Breve resumen en español:

«El Río Susurrante» es una historia sobre dos niños, Mia y Tom, que viven en un pueblo junto a un río que susurra.

Movidos por la curiosidad, emprenden una aventura siguiendo las indicaciones del río para encontrar un tesoro escondido.

Al final del arco iris, descubren un cofre que no contiene oro o joyas, sino un pergamino antiguo con sabiduría sobre la conservación del agua y la convivencia en armonía con la naturaleza.

Al compartir esta sabiduría con su pueblo, logran una prosperidad verdadera y duradera.

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